What is Gravity Brain?

GravityBrain is a Training System which delivers video-based courses as lessons and interactive quizzes to language students. Their quiz results are tracked online, then the GravityBrain Auto-Guide takes students automatically to their correct course placement based on their own past progress and performance, always keeping students on the correct lesson, complete coverage of all course material.

Language Fluency Training

GravityBrain is playful education...

There's plenty of stuff out there that is educational - a random stab at some piece of knowledge which may help you with something, sometime, maybe... Well, let's be honest, you'll never learn an entire language like that.

GravityBrain is not simply educational play. Our mission is language fluency for everyone: yourself, your child, student or employee. Plain and simple. Our system and courses are designed for the sole purpose of engaging children and adults in the process of language acquisition

and measurable outcomes of retention and usability.

GravityBrain Key Features and Benefits

Watch. Repeat. Review.

Rote learning just got retooled. Students need:

  • to pay attention to learn, so we provide TV-quality movies, 3D animation, and excellent sound recordings.
  • to successfully repeat listening, reading, writing, and speaking exercises. We do this with our interactive quiz questions - instant correction.
  • to review the same material numerous times for it to sink in, to anchor, to embed. Our Auto-Guide tracks passes and failures, and generates reviews accordingly on an individual basis.

GravityBrain Auto-Guide.

Your own personal language coach.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Imagine having a teacher with you through every moment of your language training process: always encouraging, always patient, and always telling your what to do next. Now open your eyes and download GravityBrain. That's what it is. Once logged into a particular course, The GravityBrain system guides users automatically to their correct course placement based on their own past progress and performance.

Audio/Visual Lessons

engage students in the learning process and foster true understanding by bringing phonics and required.

Bite-sized presentations.

1 ~ 3 minute learning videos compare and contrast a small number of learning points, eliminating potential confusion and loss of focus.

Interactive Quiz questions.

More fun. Vastly increases language acquisition time. Our quiz types are: Multiple Choice, Drag'n'Drop, and Fill-in-the-Blank.

Immediate Response.

Rather than waiting days, our system provides immediate feedback to student answers. Each question is marked right or wrong, with the opportunity to replay the associated video and retake the quiz.

Performance-based Reviews.

If a student fails one of their repetitions, they simply guided to that lesson again another day until they are successful. Unlike the rest of us, the system is infinitely patient.

Multiple passes required.

Language learning is a little tricky. We need to successfully repeat the same material a number of times before absorbing it. The Gravity Brain System was designed to require three such successful repetitions over a period of time to lock in the material and foster solid outcomes.

Account Controls.

Under the "My Account" in our software, users can add a Learner, or dependent on their account, then change personal information or passwords, enroll in classes and subscribe to GravityBrain for themselves or their dependents.


A subscription gives students full access to all of courses published by GravityBrain.


Students Enroll in Courses within the application. Courses are categorized by subject and target age. If you would like to try out some free Courses on GravityBrain, please go to the install page.

One-Click Login.

Designed for children or those who have difficulty with typing, we have the one-click login. Once an Account Owner sets up an account for a Learner, the Owner can add a picture, then use that picture on the login page of the system by checking "remember me" in the Login window. The next login, the dependent may then click on their picture to login. It's that simple.

Owner-Dependent Hierarchy.

Protects the privacy of children and allow parents, teachers, or employers to place multiple students within their own account and thus control their students' learning environment.

Report Cards in Real Time.

Through our permission settings, GravityBrain provides real-time reports on progress and performance in a private setting. This means parents, teachers, or employers can check recent activity of their charges while away.

GravityBrain 3 NOs

No Confusion.

No page turning. No forgot password.

The goal is language fluency training is not organizational skills training. By aiding students with automated placement it ensures they aren't confused about what to do. On our system, when the student logins the right video for that particular student starts playing.

On the subject of passwords, our system will recall the the user and password of multiple students on a single computer. Just click your pic to login.

No Garbage

No violence. No bad guys.

Would you let you child roam freely on a browser? Of course not! When you look at the windows on the GravityBrain System you will notice something absent for safety and security:

no browsing and no www access.

Connected only to the GravityBrain server, students stay focused on studies because there are no distractions available. More importantly, the bad guys can't reach them.

No Holes

An extremely structured approach to language training,

GravityBrain presents bite-size chunks of material, tracking your quiz performances and providing automated reviews based on your own performance and progress. If you fail a quiz, you simply retake that quiz. You continue to retake until you have passed three times. This is to ensure the material is embedded in your brain. Once you pass all the lessons of an entire course, you know it all. Period.